Month: May 2018

Yoga Club Review Take 2

Yoga fashion tank leggings

Those of you who know me are aware, fashion is not my strong suit.  I will happily teach a yoga class in a ratty, 10 year-old Ohio State T-shirt and plain black leggings (full length in Winter, capris in Summer, because variety) without a… Continue Reading “Yoga Club Review Take 2”

Short and Soothing Summer Porch Yin Yoga

yin yoga video

  Need a break? My short Yin Yoga inspired class is now on YouTube. Grab a blanket or big towel, find a quite spot and take 20 minutes to stretch and chill. If you like the class and can find it in your heart… Continue Reading “Short and Soothing Summer Porch Yin Yoga”

Hello Youtube… Summer Porch Yoga has Arrived

My daughter Piper tells me that all the cool kids put their “content” on Youtube; and, we all know coolness is my lifelong goal, so I am uploading my free videos onto YouTube. You can find me wedged between “Crazy Nuttyass Honey Badger” and… Continue Reading “Hello Youtube… Summer Porch Yoga has Arrived”

Yoga Club Review Take 1

Yoga Club is a subscription wardrobe service like Stitch Fix, Trunk Club or Wantable, but for workout clothing.  I recently participated in a challenge on Yogadownload.com in which a Yoga Club subscription was the prize, and while I did not win, I was intrigued… Continue Reading “Yoga Club Review Take 1”