Yoga Club Review Take 2

Those of you who know me are aware, fashion is not my strong suit.  I will happily teach a yoga class in a ratty, 10 year-old Ohio State T-shirt and plain black leggings (full length in Winter, capris in Summer, because variety) without a hint of self-consciousness. But, when I started making videos, I realized that’s probably not the best look, so I decided to tighten my yoga fashion game and subscribed to YogaClub.

yogo club logo

How it works: YogaClub is a subscription yoga fashion wardrobe service like Stitch Fix, but for workout clothing.  When you join, you choose a commitment level.  The Mantra level is a pair of leggings, Karma level is leggings and a top, and the Guru gets you leggings, a top and a layering piece. Prices range from $45-$79, and you choose monthly or seasonal shipments.

If you use my referral code, which is, YogaClub Referral Link you can give Yoga Club a try and get 25% off your first box.  Full disclosure, I will get “Lotus Bucks” in return, but frankly you need a ton of them to just to get a 10% discount, but please, use the discount, 25% off is nothing to sneeze at.

When you click through that link, you will take a little yoga fashion style quiz and; yes, you do have to give them your credit card information.  Shortly thereafter you will get a bright pink YogaClub box full of goodies just for you.  It’s like your birthday every month.

My first Club box was a smashing success and is chronicled here if you are curious, Yoga Club Review Take 2

My second box was also good, but not quite as successful as the first installment. Let’s take a look.

Yoga Club tank and leggings

This is the Glyder “Slash” Racerback Tank  Glyder Tank Link First, the softness of this fabric cannot be overstated, it’s like wearing a kitten.  However, it is really sheer, like I can see the details of your bellybutton sheer, and then there is this little detail…..

Yoga Club Glyder tank top

ahhhhh, no.  The mystery of the name Slash is solved, it looks like I just barely escaped an unfortunate paper shredder encounter.  Given the foregoing, this will be my first experience with the YogaClub exchange program.  But wait, there’s more.

Yoga Club long sleeve shirt leggings skittles

Let’s talk about these guys.  The Alternative Scoop Neck T  (cheaper version in gray here Alternative Shirt in Gray Link ) and the MPG Frame High Waisted Side Pocket Legging, here they are in black,  MPG Side Pocket Legging Link The shirt is amazingly comfortable, and the color is gorgeous, it retails for $42, I don’t know who pays that for a T-shirt, I paid $26 for this one and that seems about right.

But these, pants… words cannot describe how much I love these pants.  They fit perfectly, sometimes high-waisted leggings fit me like maternity pants, but not these, they don’t roll or slide around.  The fabric is soft and the mesh vents are just cool.  All of that, and a place to hide my Skittles.  WINNER!

So to recap, Yoga Club Round Two was mostly a success.  I will investigate my exchange options for old see-through Slash, and let you know how it works out.  If you want to give it a try, use this referral link to get 25% off YogaClub first order and let me know how it works out.


Short and Soothing Summer Porch Yin Yoga


Need a break? My short Yin Yoga inspired class is now on YouTube. Grab a blanket or big towel, find a quite spot and take 20 minutes to stretch and chill. If you like the class and can find it in your heart to subscribe to my channel, I would be massively grateful.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga is based on the idea of yin and yang, opposing forces that retain balance in nature. Yin is the the cool, still and calm side, yang is the hot, dynamic and energetic side. As applied to the body, the yin is the tendons, ligaments and fascia while the  yang would be the muscles and circulatory system.

In a Yin yoga class the poses are generally more gentle, held for a longer period of time, and closer to the floor. The idea is to place  the body in a position close to the edge of the flexibility or range of motion, become still and allow the connective tissues to soften as time passes.

This short class is a great little sampler of yin yoga.  Check it out and see if it’s for you.  Here is the Link: Next Level Yoga Summer Porch Yin Yoga short class

If you enjoy this Yin class, please let me know in the comments.

More Yoga Videos from Next Level Yoga on YouTube

Neck and Shoulder Elixir Yoga Class by Next Level Yoga

Hips and Hamstrings Yoga Class by Next Level Yoga

Yin Yang Flow by Next Level Yoga

Upper Body Stretch and Strengthen


Hello Youtube… Summer Porch Yoga has Arrived

My daughter Piper tells me that all the cool kids put their “content” on Youtube; and, we all know coolness is my lifelong goal, so I am uploading my free videos onto YouTube. You can find me wedged between “Crazy Nuttyass Honey Badger” and “Goat Yelling Like a Man” Or, you can follow this link to my Hips and Hamstrings class
(but seriously that Goat is unsettling)

See you there!


Yoga Club Review Take 1

Yoga Club is a subscription wardrobe service like Stitch Fix, Trunk Club or Wantable, but for workout clothing.  I recently participated in a challenge on in which a Yoga Club subscription was the prize, and while I did not win, I was intrigued by the idea and thought I would give it a try.

With Yoga Club, there are three levels to choose from, Mantra, Karma and Guru, the names are a little hokey I know, but I guess they had to call them something.  With the Mantra you just get a pair of leggings, the Karma is leggings and top, and the Guru gets you leggings, top and layering piece.  The prices range from $45-$79, and you can choose monthly or seasonal shipments.  I went with the Guru, cleverly deducing that the per item cost is around $26 which is actually quite reasonable.

If you use my referral code, which is, you can give Yoga Club a try and get 25% off your first box.  Full disclosure, I will get “Lotus Bucks” in return, but frankly you need a ton of them to get just to get a 10% discount, so I am a bit nonplussed with their reward program. But please, get yourself that discount because 25% off is nothing to sneeze at.

First, you will take a little style quiz and yes, you do have to give them your credit card information.  Shortly thereafter you will get a bright pink Yoga Club box full of goodies just for you.  It’s like it’s your birthday every month. Let’s take a look at what I got in my first box.

In my happy place watching birds and eating peanut butter 🙂

This is the LA Soul Happy Tank and Peek A Boo Glyder leggings.  I really like both these pieces. At first the leggings seemed a little stiff, but as soon as they warmed up, they fit like a glove.  They are mid-rise and have a cut out detail on the back of the calves. The tank, speaks for itself, quite literally.

Showing a little skin.

Next up, the layering piece, meet the Amari  Revive Pullover.  How did they know I hate hoods, but love these loose mock-neck sweatshirts?  Well played Yoga Club. I really like the weight and finish on this top.  It’s warm, but not too heavy.

Perfect hanging out and drinking coffee top.

Bonus, there is a kangaroo pouch to hide your secret stash, whatever your particular vice may be.  No Judgment.

Skittles, what Skittles? I have no idea what you are talking about.

Since I liked all three pieces there was no need to explore the exchange feature this time.  However, had there been a item I did not want, I could have gone to the website and chosen another item which they will send in the subsequent box, along with any envelope to return the unwanted piece.  There is also a Facebook group where members trade and sell Yoga Club clothing.

So to recap, Yoga Club Round One was a success.  I look forward to seeing what they send me next.  If you want to give it a try, use the link above and treat yourself.