Month: June 2018

Yoga Video Alert- Stretch & Strengthen the Upper Body on YouTube

revolved lunge pose next level yoga

Do you have neck and shoulder issues?  If so, it might be caused by tight chest and shoulder muscles.  Stretch & Strengthen the Upper Body is designed to loosen the muscles of the chest, shoulders and upper back.  At the same time, working the…


Yoga Club Review-Take 3

Yoga Club tree pose bubble

Shameful confession #1, I have no fashion sense. Apparently I am not alone, which is why Yoga Club exists and is thriving.  Yoga Club is like Stitch Fix, but for workout clothes.  If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, you may find my…

Yoga Video Alert- Yin Yang Flow on YouTube

yoga video next level yin yang flow

If you liked the short tribute to Yin Yoga video, take some time and check out my Yin Yang Flow Yoga video which is now available on YouTube. If you haven’t already, subscribe to the channel to receive notice when a new video is…

Natural Pain Relief Products-When Yoga Isn’t Enough

Back Pain Relief

Recently my husband hurt his back, and as he limped around someone sarcastically asked him, “what, the magic of yoga couldn’t fix you?” Well no Ian, it couldn’t, but thanks for your sincere and heartfelt concern.  When yoga isn’t enough, you need a little…

Yoga Block Party- 5 Great Uses for a Yoga Block

If I intend to teach a class that uses a prop (yoga block, strap, blanket or bolster) I usually have to provide said prop. Therefore, if I am going to lug 35 blocks to class, you better believe I plan to use it for…