Yoga Video Alert- Yin Yang Flow on YouTube

If you liked the short tribute to Yin Yoga video, take some time and check out my Yin Yang Flow Yoga video which is now available on YouTube. If you haven’t already, subscribe to the channel to receive notice when a new video is posted.  Or, you can always follow this link to the class:      Yin Yang Flow by Next Level Yoga

Seek Balance in all Things.

This Yin Yang yoga video is designed to balance the sweet ease of a yin yoga class, with the spicy effort of a yang flow class. The first twenty minutes are slow paced, gentle poses. The middle 20 minutes are a slow easy flow designed to loosen the joints and get your energy moving. The class finishes with 20 more minutes of quiet yin postures for a soft landing into final relaxation.

Bring a blanket or big towel for some extra padding.  The class is a little longer, but it will be worth the time. Put on some quiet music, take some time for yourself, you deserve it. Enjoy.

If you tried this class and liked it, please subscribe to the channel so you will receive an email message when a new video is posted.

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