Yoga Club Review-Take 3

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Shameful confession #1, I have no fashion sense. Apparently I am not alone, which is why Yoga Club exists and is thriving.  Yoga Club is like Stitch Fix, but for workout clothes.  If you don’t know what Stitch Fix is, you may find my post about my Stitch Fix adventure interesting, or not, no pressure, but aren’t you a tiny bit curious now,  here’s the link just in case you want to take a peek, I’ll wait.  June Stitch Fix Review

You may remember my last Yoga Club installment (Yoga Club Review Take 2) included a top that was not to my liking and I was going to check out their exchange program.  I discovered I had two options; I could join a Facebook group exclusively for selling and exchanging Yoga Club items, or I could choose a replacement from some options on their website.  I chose the latter and picked an MPG Sport t-shirt in a color called “fiery coral”  Let’s see how that turned out.

Yoga Club bright pink t shirt

MPG Sport Link Seamless T-Shirt retail price $38

WOW!  Needless to say, Fiery Coral is such a retina searing color, sunglasses are required.  I don’t think this one is going to work for me,  the fit is great but the color is shall we say, a bit garish.  So, I went back in and traded this out for another shirt in a more soothing palate which will come with next month’s box.

Next, was this…

Yoga Club Kenneth Cole Tank Singlet

Kenneth Cole Reaction Cosmic Singlet retail price $44

There is just no way around it, I am not a bubble gum pink tank top kinda gal.  To be fair, this top is really cute and it fits well, but it’s just not me, so it will be going back and will hopefully find a home with someone who can pull off this color.

The next item in the bright pink box was this..

Yoga Club 3 vest

Glyder Moxie Vest retail price $76

Now we’re talking.  This vest is more my style.  It’s a nice length, the fabric is super soft and there are big pockets to hide my Skittles.  These Threads for Thought leggings were also included, they are great, the fabric is really soft, they have a cute bandage strap detail on the leg (which looks a little bondage-y), but, I have so many pairs of black pants I think I will try to exchange these as well.

Yoga Club thread for thoughts legging zaria

Threads for Thought Zaria Legging retail price $98

So what have we learned, first Tara can’t wear pink, second it is possible to have too many pairs of black pants, and finally I eat too many Skittles.

Want to give Yoga Club a try? Here are the details on how to get started and save 25%?

How it works: YogaClub is a subscription service,  when you join you will choose a commitment level.  The Mantra (a pair of leggings), the Karma (leggings and a top), and the Guru (leggings, a top and a layering piece). Prices range from $45-$79, and you choose monthly or seasonal shipments.

If you use my referral code, ( Yoga Club Referral Link ) you will get 25% off your first box.  Full disclosure, I will get “Lotus Bucks” in return, but frankly you need a ton of them to just to get a 10% discount, so if you use someone else’s link I won’t be upset.  But please use a referral code, don’t be a chump like me and pay full price the first time.

When you click through that link, you will take a little style quiz and; yes, you do have to give them your credit card information.  Shortly thereafter you will get a bright pink YogaClub box full of goodies just for you.  It’s like your birthday every month.

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