Yoga with Essential Oils Video Now on YouTube

You may already know that adding essential oils to your yoga practice can enhance the experience; but, have you ever wondered exactly how to do that?  In this newest video from Next Level Yoga, we incorporate three of the most popular essential oils to the practice. This Yoga with Essential Oils video is the perfect, beginner friendly way to blend the health benefits of essential oils and yoga.

Yoga with Essential Oils Video

Essential oils have a lot of benefits, from inflammation reduction, to mood adjustment to pain management, it seems like there is an oil for most every situation.  For more basic information on using essential oils in your yoga practice, check out this post, Yoga with Essential Oils

This video is a short, very basic class, accessible to all levels of experience. In fact, the majority of the class can be done either in or standing behind a chair, if sitting on the floor is not possible.

The Essential Oils You Will Need and Where to Get Them.

For this class, you will need the three most popular essential oils, lemon, peppermint and lavender. I use DoTerra essential oils and highly recommend them.  However, there are other oils on the market that are also very good.  If you are loyal user of another brand, by all means please use them with this video.

If you don’t know where to purchase these oils, here are some affiliate links to help you find the products you need from the two most popular brands.  I recommend purchasing the DoTerra introductory kit which contains all three of the oils used in this video.

Introductory Kit- Doterra Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender Kit

Lemon Oil links- Doterra 15ml Lemon Oil – Doterra 5ml Lemon Oil  – Young Living 15ml Lemon Oil

Peppermint Oil links- Doterra 5ml Peppermint OilDoterra 15ml Peppermint OilYoung LIving 15ml Peppermint Oil

Lavender Oil links- Doterra 5ml Lavender Oil– Doterra 15ml Lavender Oil– Young Living 5ml Lavender Oil

If you like the video, please subscribe to the channel and let us know your thoughts.  Also, if you have a favorite oil you would like to see incorporated into a class, let us know in the comments.

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