Month: September 2018

Morning Yoga with Essential Oils Video

morning yoga essential oils

Big day ahead? This class will help you wake up and get going with a slow, effective stretch. Essential oils enhance the experience, but if you don’t have them don’t sweat it, this is still a pretty great way to start your day. Absolutely…


Wind Down & Relax- Evening Yoga with Essential Oils Video

Had a long day?  Need some help transitioning to evening or bedtime?  This beginner friendly class is designed to give your day a soft landing.  Essential oils help, but are not absolutely necessary, this class is all about relaxation.  You can start out on…

WAKE UP AND YOGA – Quick Morning Stretch Video

Morning Yoga

We all know yoga is the key to a better day, but it’s hard to find the time. Waking up earlier is a cruel suggestion to someone like me who is not a morning person.  Here is a quick 15-minute class designed to gently…