Morning Yoga with Essential Oils Video

morning yoga essential oils

Big day ahead? This class will help you wake up and get going with a slow, effective stretch. Essential oils enhance the experience, but if you don’t have them don’t sweat it, this is still a pretty great way to start your day. Absolutely beginner friendly, with modifications for sitting in a chair instead of on the ground.

Essential Oils for a Good Day

We will be using Frankincense for centering, Peppermint for energy and Wild Orange, a little liquid sunshine, to put an all-day smile on your face. You could substitute Sandalwood or Cedarwood for Frankincense, Wintergreen or Eucalyptus for Peppermint; and, Lemon or Grapefruit for Wild Orange.

Try making this class a part of your morning routine a few days a week to reap the benefits of increased energy, lower blood pressure, and an overall better mood. In a word…HAPPINESS!

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  1. Great website! So glad you set this up. You are such an amazing instructor!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Nancy, I really appreciate them.

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