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Tara Kestner-Next Level Yoga YouTube Channel Free Yoga Videos

Hi there!  Are you looking for some great free yoga videos?  Well, lucky for you that is exactly what you will find on the Tara Kestner YouTube Channel. Follow this link to the home page, or scroll down for some directly links to the…


WAKE UP AND YOGA – Quick Morning Stretch Video

Morning Yoga

We all know yoga is the key to a better day, but it’s hard to find the time. Waking up earlier is a cruel suggestion to someone like me who is not a morning person.  Here is a quick 15-minute class designed to gently…

Yoga Intervals Video Now on YouTube

Looking for a balanced yoga workout?  This Interval Yoga Video works to achieve balance in the pace, intensity and body awareness.  If you’ve got 45-minutes and you want to move and stretch, this might be the best way to spend them.   Next Level…

Yoga Video Alert- Stretch & Strengthen the Upper Body on YouTube

revolved lunge pose next level yoga

Do you have neck and shoulder issues?  If so, it might be caused by tight chest and shoulder muscles.  Stretch & Strengthen the Upper Body is designed to loosen the muscles of the chest, shoulders and upper back.  At the same time, working the…

Yoga Video Alert- Yin Yang Flow on YouTube

yoga video next level yin yang flow

If you liked the short tribute to Yin Yoga video, take some time and check out my Yin Yang Flow Yoga video which is now available on YouTube. If you haven’t already, subscribe to the channel to receive notice when a new video is…

Hello Youtube… Summer Porch Yoga has Arrived

My daughter Piper tells me that all the cool kids put their “content” on Youtube; and, we all know coolness is my lifelong goal, so I am uploading my free videos onto YouTube. You can find me wedged between “Crazy Nuttyass Honey Badger” and…


Enjoy this short, beginner friendly introduction to Yin Yoga.