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Morning Yoga with Essential Oils Video

morning yoga essential oils

Big day ahead? This class will help you wake up and get going with a slow, effective stretch. Essential oils enhance the experience, but if you don’t have them don’t sweat it, this is still a pretty great way to start your day. Absolutely… Continue Reading “Morning Yoga with Essential Oils Video”

Wind Down & Relax- Evening Yoga with Essential Oils Video

Had a long day?  Need some help transitioning to evening or bedtime?  This beginner friendly class is designed to give your day a soft landing.  Essential oils help, but are not absolutely necessary, this class is all about relaxation.  You can start out on… Continue Reading “Wind Down & Relax- Evening Yoga with Essential Oils Video”

WAKE UP AND YOGA – Quick Morning Stretch Video

Morning Yoga

We all know yoga is the key to a better day, but it’s hard to find the time. Waking up earlier is a cruel suggestion to someone like me who is not a morning person.  Here is a quick 15-minute class designed to gently… Continue Reading “WAKE UP AND YOGA – Quick Morning Stretch Video”

Yoga with Essential Oils Video Now on YouTube

essential oils yoga

You may already know that adding essential oils to your yoga practice can enhance the experience; but, have you ever wondered exactly how to do that?  In this newest video from Next Level Yoga, we incorporate three of the most popular essential oils to… Continue Reading “Yoga with Essential Oils Video Now on YouTube”

Yoga with Essential Oils

Incorporating essential oils into your yoga practice is a great way to maximize the benefits of yoga. I know, it can feel a little out there to think that rubbing a drop or two of some plant oil on you is going to have… Continue Reading “Yoga with Essential Oils”

Yoga Block Party- 5 Great Uses for a Yoga Block

If I intend to teach a class that uses a prop (yoga block, strap, blanket or bolster) I usually have to provide said prop. Therefore, if I am going to lug 35 blocks to class, you better believe I plan to use it for… Continue Reading “Yoga Block Party- 5 Great Uses for a Yoga Block”

Short and Soothing Summer Porch Yin Yoga

yin yoga video

  Need a break? My short Yin Yoga inspired class is now on YouTube. Grab a blanket or big towel, find a quite spot and take 20 minutes to stretch and chill. If you like the class and can find it in your heart… Continue Reading “Short and Soothing Summer Porch Yin Yoga”

Hello Youtube… Summer Porch Yoga has Arrived

My daughter Piper tells me that all the cool kids put their “content” on Youtube; and, we all know coolness is my lifelong goal, so I am uploading my free videos onto YouTube. You can find me wedged between “Crazy Nuttyass Honey Badger” and… Continue Reading “Hello Youtube… Summer Porch Yoga has Arrived”

Finding the Perfect Yoga Mat

People will ask me which yoga mat is the best, and while I can answer that question with absolute certainty for myself, I think you have to consider a number of variables. Here are some tips to buying the perfect yoga mat for you.… Continue Reading “Finding the Perfect Yoga Mat”


This class combines the two things my clients request most, cork work and balance. I don’t believe balance is improved by standing on one leg, but rather, by challenging the body’s ability to adjust during movements in all planes. Handily enough, all balance work… Continue Reading “NEXT LEVEL VIDEOS- CORE BALANCE CHALLENGE”