Month: July 2018

Yoga with Essential Oils Video Now on YouTube

essential oils yoga

You may already know that adding essential oils to your yoga practice can enhance the experience; but, have you ever wondered exactly how to do that?  In this newest video from Next Level Yoga, we incorporate three of the most popular essential oils to…


Yoga with Essential Oils

Incorporating essential oils into your yoga practice is a great way to maximize the benefits of yoga. I know, it can feel a little out there to think that rubbing a drop or two of some plant oil on you is going to have…

Yoga Club Review July 2018

Yoga Club

Yippee! My latest Yoga Club Box has arrived.  As you may remember in my last box, I decided to exchange the bubble gum pink tank top and bondage inspired leggings for something else.  Here is a link to my last Yoga Club review if…

New Yoga Video- Core Strength and Balance Challenge on YouTube

Core Strength and Balance Next Level Yoga Tara Kestner

Question: What are the two things people tell me they want to work on most?  Answer: Core Strength and Balance.  Question: What are the two things people groan about when we work on them in class?  Answer: Core Strength and Balance.   Interesting…. Next Level…

Best Ever Vegan Biscuit Recipe

Vegan Biscuits? WTF, Tara? Yes why the food, indeed. I know it’s a little off topic here, but let me explain.  On my stats page I can see the top searches on my site.  They are usually things like “child’s pose,” “hip flexors” and…